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SJR (SCOPUS): 0.23

NAAS SCORE (2024): 6.10

VOLUME – 9, ISSUE – 2, DECEMBER – 2019


  • Rich with rupees or rich in good gut microbiota: what is more important for our metabolic health?
Shambo Samrat Samajdar, Shivaji Bhattacharya


  • Hydroponic fodder production: an alternative technology for sustainable livestock production in India
Nonigopal Shit
  • Impact of radiations on earthworms
Shyamasree Ghosh


  • Effect of long-term arsenic exposure on female Albino rats with special reference to the protective role of Spirulina platensis
Reda M. S. Korany, Khaled S. Ahmed, Hanaa A. El Halawany, Kawkab A. Ahmed
  • Molecular and pathological studies of post-weaning multi-systemic wasting syndrome among piglets in Kerala, India
R. Sairam, B. Dhanush Krishna, K. Krithiga, I. S. Sajitha, P. M. Priya, Chintu Ravishankar, Mammen J. Abraham
  • New insights on neuropathological lesions progression with special emphasis on residence of velogenic Newcastle Disease viral antigen in the nervous system of experimentally infected broiler chickens
Faten F. Mohammed, Mohamed R. Mousa, Hanan S. Khalefa, Ayman H. El-Deeb, Kawkab A. Ahmed
  • Effect of pre-calving BCS on postpartum BCS and body weight change of Sahiwal cattle
V. Sharma, A. K. Jhirwal, S. C. Goswami, V. Kumar, V. Singh, B. P. Meena
  • Micrometrical studies on the sequential growth of the prenatal liver of goat (Capra hircus)
Singh Mahadeep, Sarma Kamal, Devi J.
  • In vitro antimicrobial activity of crude extract of fecal bacteria from Philippine native pig (Sus scrofa) against Escherichia coli
F.B.R. Matias, K.N.G. De Sagun, M.B.S. Salinas
  • Effect of gamma ray sterilisation on differently decellularised omentum based scaffolds
Ashna S., Dhanush Krishna B., Sajitha I.S., Vasudevan V.N., Pavan M., Mammen J. Abraham
  • Bioprospecting of some ethnomedicinal plants for potential antimycobacterial bacteriocin like inhibitory substances (BLIS)
Santhi Sudha S, Aranganathan V
  • Pharmacokinetics study of Puerarin absorption in blood after consumption of Pueraria tuberosa water extract (PTWE) by rats
Harsh Pandey, Shivani Srivastava, Ashutosh Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Yamini Bhusan Tripathi
  • Studies on biochemical responses of table sized Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) to the thermal exposure at critical maximum temperature (CTMAX)
Prasun Roychowdhury, Mohammad Aftabuddin, Manoj Kumar Pati
  • Traditional use of Mandragora caulescens C. B. Clarke, a poorly known medicinal plant of Sikkim Himalaya
Debabrata Maity, Jayanta Ghosh, Mrinmoy Midday
  • Concurrent infection of biliary amphistome, Gigantocotyle explanatum with tropical liver fluke, Fasciola gigantica in buffaloes of North India
Ashutosh Fular, Imran Ali, Geeta


  • Electrocardiographic studies in Hallikar bullock in Puducherry region, India
Devadevi N., Rajkumar K., Vijayalakshmi P., Abiramy @ Parbavathy A., Selvi D.