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Submission of article

Articles are invited from the researchers and workers engaged in the field of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Medical Sciences, Public health, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Fishery Sciences, Biomedical and related researches. Research articles as well as Short communications are invited, but for Review articles, specialist of related fields is specially invited for contribution by the Editorial Board.

The authors have to submit articles through E-mail (journaleamr@gmail.com/eamrwb@rediffmail.com).

Submission of an article is understood to imply that

i. Permission of institutional/Governmental/other appropriate ethical committee/bio-safety committee/ body etc. are taken for study on animal or human being.

ii. All the financial and personal relationships with other people or organizations related with the study is properly acknowledged and disclosed.

iii. All the authors have approved the paper for release and are in agreement with its content.

The format of the articles published in the latest issue of the journal must be followed strictly during manuscript writing.

Review Process

The journal follows double bind peer review process. The decision of the Editorial Board about acceptance or rejection is final and no correspondence will be entertained regarding the subject.

Plagiarism policy

Exploratory Animal and Medical Research consider all the researchers want to submit article as honest enough to show due respect to the previous workers and to cite their works properly during writing of the article. However, if any violation in the plagiarism rule is found, the article will be rejected at any state, even after acceptance and the authors will be blacklisted.


It is mandatory to furnish following certificate at the time of final submission of manuscript for publication:

This is to certify that the reported work in the paper entitled "…………………… …………….” submitted for publication in EXPLORATORY ANIMAL AND MEDICAL RESEARCH is an original one and has not been published / submitted to any Journal. I / We further certify that proper citation to the previously reported work has been given and no data / tables / figures have been quoted from other publications without giving proper acknowledgement. The consent of all the concerned authority is also taken.

Signature with full name, address and e- mail of the authors.

The PDF copy of the signed document is to be submitted through e-mail.

Copy of the published article

As the journal is displayed in our free, open access website, no hard copy is sent to the author of the published article. However, information regarding publication will be sent to the Corresponding author through e-mail so that the PDF file of the article can be downloaded. If the author/authors want to get Print copy, they have to pay accordingly.


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